Community Feedback Update

This latest update contains a number of changes inspired by player feedback over the past week:

  • Added a new "Command History" upgrade to the shop. This enables the use of the up/down arrow keys to select previously sent commands. (based on a suggestion from /u/ascii122)
  • Changed purchase syntax to "buy X" and added a "buy max X" command for purchasing the max affordable number of a specific upgrade/employee. (based on a suggestion by ntscheel)
  • Added a clicking sound on manual clicks. (based on a suggestion by my boy Chris)
  • Added a mute toggle, just in case you want a silent experience.
  • Added an easter egg. (based on a suggestion by Jacob)
  • Some other boring stuff related to the save backend.

Thanks for all the feedback! I hope you all enjoy the newest updates.

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Feb 24, 2021 Play in browser
Feb 24, 2021

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